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‘ZVV-Tickets’ is available free of charge for iOS and Android mobile phones. It does not work on tablets. Amazingly well thought out app. When u plan a trip and u have to change say from bus to tram, it even shows a map to get to bus to team. And if u want u ca see the time and every stop/stations till destination. – Correction display problem iPad- Various smaller bug fixes and optimization measures Thank you all. I am used to using the app for NYC train tickets and figured I`d do the same as I want to buy online. I guess I will just buy ahead on their website and have them on my phone. 🙂 .

. Zurich does not have a metro, tramways and busses and S-trains. As you will only be in Zurich for 6 hours just buy a 3 zone day pass which will cover all forms of transport for your short stay. With the ZVV timetable app, you always have your personal timetable with you. You only need a few steps to display your connection from A to B. Timetables for the whole of Switzerland are integrated in the app. So you can also use the app for a longer journey or in another swiss city. FAQs about buying tickets (only in German). FAQs about buying travelcards (only in German). The public transport timetable in your pocket: The ZVV timetable app shows you the fastest connections or the next departures from the stops in your area. Just download the app and get ahead.

The app can be used throughout Switzerland. That is the one to go for. The 24 hour day pass is twice the price of a single ticket, which for three zones, is only valid for 1 hour. Fast and uncomplicated: with the ticket app, you can purchase tickets for single journeys or day passes on the spot. Multiple-journey tickets are also available in the app. You can manually adjust the validity start of the digital tickets before you purchase them. You can also enter your SwissPass (e.g. with half-fare card) in the app so that it is automatically applied when you buy tickets. Learn more here. If you often travel on the same lines, it is advisable to subscribe to individual lines. This way you will always be up to date. You will receive a push message if something does not go according to plan on a subscribed line.

Eine Aufhebung ist leider nicht möglich, bitte wenden Sie sich an ZVV-Contact (0848 988 988), wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben. Beste Grüsse, Ihr Zürcher Verkehrsverbund Vielen Dank für Ihre Bewertung. Bei technischen Problemen wenden Sie sich am besten an ZVV-Contact (0848 988 988 / contact@zvv.ch). Beste Grüsse, Ihr ZVV . You can also buy or renew your personal ZVV pass or Z-Pass directly in the app. All you need is an existing pass SwissPass, which you can link in the app. For ticket inspections, the travelcard can be shown directly in the app. Die App funktioniert stabil. Folgende Verhaltensweisen sind aber z.T. nervig:- Jeweils beim Öffnen fängt die App an zu synchronisieren. Bisweilen eine gefühlte Ewigkeit lang.

Das ist der denkbar schlechteste Moment für den User. – Kein direkter Zugang zum Ticketkauf. Zuerst kommt immer der unnütze Dialog: „Sie haben zZ keine gültigen Tickets“- Keine Favoriten Tickets/Schnellkauf- Wenn eine Tageskarte beim Besteigen der Verkehrsmittels noch wenige Minuten gültig ist, ist es nicht möglich bereits ein neues Billet zu kaufen. Manchmal sogar bis zu 5 Minuten nach Ablauf nicht. . . Vielen Dank für Ihre Bewertung! 🙂 Wir wünschen Ihnen weiterhin eine gute Fahrt, Ihr Zürcher Verkehrsverbund Looking for the best app for iphone to get around the city. Not sure which might be the official one for the city or if there is a better free one. Hoping to find maps, train times, etc. Thanks! With the ticket app, you always have your ticket machine along for the ride. You can use the app to buy single tickets, multiple-journey passes and ZVV and Z-Pass travelcards, as well as tickets for travel all around Switzerland. The simplest way to purchase tickets in the app: all you have to do is check in before the journey and check out afterwards – and that’s it.

The app then calculates the correct price.