Agreement Signed To Boost Solid Waste Management

As a trust fund managed by the World Bank, CPRBA supports development projects by combining funding with actual results. In Gaza, the additional CPRB funding will use a results-based funding approach, which builds on the success of the existing project and provides a grant for the operation of the newly constructed waste management infrastructure. The grant is intended to encourage the receiving service provider – the Joint Services Council for Khan Younis, Rafah and Middle Area (JSC-KRM) – to improve its solid waste collection and treatment procedures. It will also encourage users to improve cost coverage by improving user pricing. This is the second investment in solid waste in the country jointly funded by the EBRD and the EU. The Bank provides Spetskomuntrans municipal services, which collect, process and dispose of solid waste in the Khmelnytskyi region, with a loan of up to 28.5 million euros. Mr. Bulkan acknowledged that good solid waste management had not been highlighted in the past, hence the initiative that led to modern solid waste management. We are also committed to greater equality with respect to what is happening here in coastal areas and in backcounting communities. The Gaza Solid Denal Management Project has already produced positive results over the past several years. This project has financed the construction of new sanitary landfills and transfer stations, of which more than 900,000 people benefit, or nearly 46% of Gaza`s total population. Approximately 94% (approximately 677 tonnes per day) of municipal waste in the target area is disposed of in the new landfill.

The connecting stations also serve as a low-cost intermediate repository. A good action plan for every country that wants to exploit its waste potential for growth. “Today`s agreement will improve solid waste management in small towns in the PRC and will also increase energy production from renewable sources to diversify the country`s energy mix,” said Diwakar Gupta, ADB Vice President for Private Sector and Co-Financing Operations. The Ministry of Communities on Tuesday signed three contracts totalling USD 125 million to support the solid waste disposal programme in outlying areas. The contracts signed relate to the planning of sanitary landfills in Bartica, Linden and Mahdia, which include waste profile studies of the three cities and recommendations for resource recovery and recycling programmes. Projects are expected to be completed in eight months. That`s why we will ensure that higher standards of practice are in place in municipalities for solid waste management,” added Minister Bulkan. Landfill planning would include site topographical studies, site access, site safety, waste disposal and management, licen management, landfill management, operations and maintenance manuals, environmental audits, and environmental monitoring and management systems. “We see it as the next step towards the development not only of Bartica, but of all our new cities, we have fought over the last 10 years for the elimination of solid waste… Over the past two years, we have significantly improved waste management to be at the forefront of guyana`s Green Agenda,” said the Mayor of Bartica.

(DPI) Linden Deputy Mayor Waneka Arindell welcomed the initiative, as her municipality also had problems with proper waste management. It indicated that inclusion in the initiative was the initial phase, but that it would benefit many. The Advisors are Executive Vice Presidents of Exponential Services Incorporated Stan Gonsalves in collaboration with Caribbean Engineering and Management Consultants Incorporated (CEMCO) Lead Consultant, Ramon Latchmansingh.