Airport Development Agreement

Athens International Airport S.A. (AIA) was established in 1995 as a public-private partnership with a 50-year concession contract. The concession contract was first ratified by Greek law 2338/95 and later by Law 4594/2019, and grants the right to use the airport site for “planning, financing, construction, completion, commissioning, maintenance, operation, management and development of the airport.” AIA is a private company in which the Greek state owns 55% of the shares, while the private shareholders together hold 45%. In order to deliver sustainable value to all stakeholders by providing services at affordable prices, AIA pursues a successful development strategy in both the aviation and non-aeronautical sectors. With one of the most advanced marketing assistance and incentive programs, AIA ensures the sustainability and development of national, regional and international transportation and works closely with home and international airlines, older airlines and LCs. In the non-aeronautical sector, AIA offers advanced and far-reaching development initiatives, from high-quality products at commercial terminals to its real estate assets. AIA`s IT and telecommunications system and business activities are outstanding examples of technological and commercial know-how. True to its sector, AIA exports the company`s pioneering know-how to aviation partners around the world. AIA is a pioneer of international public-private partnership and the first major green prairie airport with private sector participation. The cost of the airport extension was mainly financed by bank loans – the European Investment Bank being the main lender, while the remaining funds were financed by private shareholders` equity and by grants from the EU and Greece. Since 2001, AIA has been able to record sound financial performance and offer financial and non-financial value to all parties involved. Although the airport was affected by the state`s financial crisis, the company addressed the challenges of the market. It protects its financial capacity without compromising the quality of its services and its operational security.

As a result, AIA will continue to bring considerable added value to all parties involved and to the Greek economy and will remain an asset with prospects for the future. “he Athens International Airport S.A.” Eleftherios Venizelos (AIA) was founded in 1996 with the aim of building, maintaining and operating the Athens “Eleftherios Venizelos” International Airport for a period of 30 years, in accordance with the Airport Development Agreement. This concession, which is one of the most important and important partnerships between the Greek state and the private sector, expires in 2026. AIA`s shareholders are currently the Greek State (25%), HRADF (30%), AviAlliance GmbH (26.7% plus 8 shares), AviAlliance Capital GmbH (13.3%) and d. The Copelouzos family (5% minus 8 shares). AIA is the largest airport in the country and one of the main infrastructure. In 2018, 24 million passengers were cleared, including 16.4 million international passengers. For more information about AIA, please visit the website: www.aia.gr. In February 2019, the extension of the existing concession contract for a further 20 years, i.e.

until 2046, came into effect. The right to extend the existing concession agreement has been transferred from the Hellenic Republic to the Fund. Thanks to its value-for-money services, Athens International Airport has won numerous international awards and distinctions. Today, it is a unique entrepreneurial entity for economic and social development in the Attica region. The airport municipality employs more than 16,000 people and employs about 370 businesses, making it one of the main drivers of employment in Greece. Indeed, a study by the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research published in 2019 showed that the AIA contributes 4.4% of GDP to the national and local economy.